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Exile Preliminary 3 Exile Preliminary 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing. So much potential in this flash.

But... sorry Duch. I did have a couple issues with this flash.
First off, there were some anatomical issues. Sometimes the heads looked a bit too large, or you tried to fit body parts into the camera shot that just weren't meant to be there. Also, sometimes a hand would face the wrong way (the thumbs up), or their bodies just seemed to flat. There were also a couple perspective issues, but no really major ones.

However, there were lots of good points about this flash, that outweigh the problems. Your animation skills are amazing, and inspiring. Not so much your art skills, but your animation skills. Your sense of movement and camera shots is fantastic, I love the way you sped along the desert and through the tunnel.
Your camera shots and angles keep the film interesting, and I really like how you use them. Not a single boring camera shot in the whole film :D
And one thing that is so rare with flash nowadays, is marketing. You market your flash, so, fucking, well. Seriously.
Great music, AWESOME intro, simple yet effective credits and an easy to use menu.

Amazing Duchednier, not only have you pulled off a fantastic animation and series to boot, but you've left me wanting more. You ending hooked me, and I can't wait to see the next one in the series, which I'm sure won't disappoint :P

Love your work, brilliant flash, just work on some of the issues I've talked about. I can't wait to see your next addition to the series, you're a bloody inspiration.

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RiverJordan responds:

Yeah, a lot of the reviews have been about anatomy, that's why i'm buying a book on poses and stuff and practicing drawing people in my sketchbook more and more :P I'll definetly make Chapter IV much more anatomically correct ^_^

Thanks for the great review!

How to be leet. How to be leet.

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Awesome job guys, well done Mexifry and Lochie!

Awesome flash, a some really funny steps. Bit dissapointed by the lack of ????, PROFIT! but meh. It was good nonetheless.
The animation style was cool, I really enjoyed the ol school movie style you had going. The border for it was a bit annoying, maybe add some lines on the sides, so you can easily tell its a border, and change the opacity or something...
The easter egg was pretty cool, and the way you presented the whole flash was good. Really funny steps Mexifry. And honest... :3

Anyway, not much to complain about, really funny flash you've produced!
Can't wait to see more!

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Shirt N' Pants Shirt N' Pants

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Can't wait to get involved.

I'm so glad you made the thread Luis, I was hoping for one ever since you posted about it in the reg lounge...

Anyway, both of you, good job.

LaserKarls, well, obviously wasn't finished.
Good job, good anatomical sense, but it was more of a storyboard than an actual animation. But yeah, I realize that this is just an advert.
Luis, that was some of the most fluid animation I've ever fucking seen. Seriously man, Wow! The line width got a bit out of hand, but that may have just been the effect you wanted.

Anyway Luis, 10/10 for finally creating the thread! Yay!
Also, for the animations. (But mainly the thread).

I will join in, just not at the moment, Too much stuff on my plate.

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dragBall dragBall

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Nice job man!

A couple glitches and bug to figure out.
One glitch that was excruciatingly annoying, was the friction and momentum (I don't do physics, so I'm not sure which one).
In just the third level, I bounced the ball but it just missed the orange ball. Then, I had to wait around for 10 minutes for it to stop, and it didn't. It just kept moving. really. fucking. slowly.
Eventually after waiting around for 5 more minutes, I just had to restart the whole game, which was a bit disappointing. I mean, maybe at least a menu button.
I thought that on my second try, it would work.

But after I restarted it, I couldn't get past the third level, and I even got the ball to the orange ball! I don't know. It may just be my computer, but no matter what I did, even if I won, it wouldn't let me past level three :(

However, pretty simple yet stylish graphics, and good layout.

Xeptic responds:

You can reset a level by pressing the space key, as it says in both the tutorial and the game description, you don't have to wait for it to stop because it simply doesn't. Another thing, when you bounce against the walls too many times (the maximum number of bounces is displayed in the upper-right) you have to reset the level. This is because people would otherwise just throw the ball really fast and it would hit all the checkpoints regardless of their aiming. I thought this was going to be confusing...

Fire VS Water Fire VS Water

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just. Plain. Awesome.

I can't say that I've played the first version, but I loved this one!
Great game ZRB!
I loved the graphics, just awesome. Easy to use layout, and easy to read instructions. Things that people look for in game menus.
The actual game was fun, but the controls were a bit to close for my liking. Me and my friend were having trouble, because "JKL", was very close to "<^>".
But apart from the, it was really fun.

Overall, great game, excellent graphics, can't wait to see some more stuff from you!

Aether Aether

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow. Just... wow.
Well, a little more then wow. THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!

A thing I'm finding with a lot of flash adventure games these days, is they either have great gameplay, fantastic characters, or really good art.
Yours, however, didn't. It had all three. In spadefuls.

It is so bloody hard to write a review on this, because its just so amazing, yet... hard to describe in words.
Loved the art, well done Ed. Quite different to your usual style, but easily recognizable as yours. Glaiel, fantastic gameplay. Loved it. I don't know if both of you decided on the storyline and gameplay together, but they were both pulled off brilliantly. If there was a downside to this game, it would probably be... I dunno. I guess it was a bit confusing at first, and the space travel did take a while, but it kinda just added to the experience.

The main thing I loved about this though, was the overall mood. Although a bit sombre and depressing, it was really well excecuted, and you could really immerse yourself in it. Another annoying thing about games today, is they think that to be amazing, they need to be in your face. Larger than life bosses, crazy characters, and intense music. This had none of that. Soft pastel colours and an eerie soundtrack really made this game something special, and gives a wonderful experiance to anyone who plays it.

The poem/intro at the start made me chuckle, but was also really well done. Just out of interest, who wrote that? Ed?
Anyway, chracters; fantastic. The main thing I loved about them, is their simplicity. Grayscale, with no detail, but still seemed like they had more depth than most characters you see in videogames today.

I loved the music in this as well. The ambience and eerieness to the music gave the game a unique and strange feeling to it, but it added to the whole atmosphere of the game.

Levels were awesome and original. You really had to think for some, and others were just a matter of... well, swinging. I guess if you do happen to make a sequel, maybe ad in another element of gameplay, because constantly swinging can be a bit tiresome after a while.

Overall, an amazing, one of a kind gaming experience. Thanks so much Edmund and Tyler for creating this game, seriously. Loved it, and looking forward to more.


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Still Alive (Remix) Still Alive (Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yeah, it's okay. Nice job.

Sorry man. It's a really great song and all, its just... the words are what I love so much about the original version. Its the humour in the original song that just gets me every time I listen to it. Don't get me wrong, this is a great song, I really like your version of it.

Great beat to it though. I really like the kinda techno feel you gave to it. Has a more upbeat feel to it, which I really like :P
Also, the "beepy" beat adds a little bit of GLaDOS to this song, which I think is also pretty awesome. I think it would've been cooler with an intro though, maybe like... a really funny GLaDOS or turret quote. They can be found in the resources folder in portal, under sounds. And also maybe a slightly longer ending, but apart from those points, awesome song. Nice work!

paranoiddj001 responds:

Believe me, I wish I could add vocals too! The moment I can, I will :)
Thanks for the review!

Brambles {RMX} Brambles {RMX}

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is one of my favourite songs on brawl, and yours didn't disappoint.
However, what I loved about the brawl version, is its use of strings. You've obviously taken a different approach to the song, and I respect that, but it doesn't exactly live up to the brawl one. Then again, that's a fucking hard song to live up to.

Great job, I like the ambient mood of this song, its pretty calming. Not sure about the electric guitar type noises, but I guess it just adds to the overall mood of the song.
I enjoyed it, but the fact that I've heard the brawl version kinda ruins it for me. However, I won't hold that against you, you've made an awesome song here :P

8/10, 4/5.

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CrimzonWolf777 responds:

hey thx for even reviewing this. I am aware that brawl did it better, and i plan on remaking this. to be honest, I love brawl's version better than all the other remixes i've heard. ^_^v

Drums Of War II Drums Of War II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I absolutely love this song.
It just... reeks of epicness. Brilliant.
The heavy drums really get to you, and I love the strings, it just brings the whole song together.
Works great for an intro, I love it!

Seriously, great work man!