2008-03-11 06:21:53 by xTOXICxEMPIRE

Now, I know all i have at the moment in my flash gallery is a draft of my upcoming "Make your own character game". But at the moment, i've been working no LOTS of flash movies, so soon there will be a FLASHSPLOSION of movies and games. Well, about five, anyway. So, some games and movies that coming out are;

Games Arena 1: Link fucked, maybe post link later
Make your own Character Game(final): old preview (might not work, refresh)
What if egoraptor made... POKE'MON!: No Preview, Work in progress
Stikskits: The Eternal Battle: Preview (uninlcuding song, not done)
[One Box]: No Preview, WIP
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (concept): Preview(Forgot to put stop(); on preloader frame)

Plus some collabs i'm in; CTSG collab, Pass the axe, Flawless victory, Sketch collab and the Simple game collab, but that might be dead.

Anyway, i hope that you'll like some of my upcoming flash movies and games, because instead of working quickly to upload it, i've decided to take some time on it, and polish some others up.