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2008-03-11 06:21:53 by xTOXICxEMPIRE

Now, I know all i have at the moment in my flash gallery is a draft of my upcoming "Make your own character game". But at the moment, i've been working no LOTS of flash movies, so soon there will be a FLASHSPLOSION of movies and games. Well, about five, anyway. So, some games and movies that coming out are;

Games Arena 1: Link fucked, maybe post link later
Make your own Character Game(final): old preview (might not work, refresh)
What if egoraptor made... POKE'MON!: No Preview, Work in progress
Stikskits: The Eternal Battle: Preview (uninlcuding song, not done)
[One Box]: No Preview, WIP
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (concept): Preview(Forgot to put stop(); on preloader frame)

Plus some collabs i'm in; CTSG collab, Pass the axe, Flawless victory, Sketch collab and the Simple game collab, but that might be dead.

Anyway, i hope that you'll like some of my upcoming flash movies and games, because instead of working quickly to upload it, i've decided to take some time on it, and polish some others up.



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2008-03-13 06:58:48

Crappy Graphics

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Gee, thanks a lot, way to boost my self-esteem. Didn't think they were that bad.


2008-03-22 10:26:17

I think what Zergzealot means that you should smooth up you're drawings then it will look mighty fine

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Oh, right. They're fair smooth, its just that that image is a low quality JPG, i needed to make it a smaller size.


2008-04-22 01:42:13

The graphics are fine, some are real good, some look awkward and disproportionate, i love the backgrounds though.
I notice those more since i can't seem to draw them myself. :\

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Heh, thanks heaps. I have a bit of trouble with proportion...


2008-05-28 03:03:19

You got pwned Mitch!

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Shut up B-RAD. D:<


2008-07-25 05:16:13

Hey if you want you can join my Wii Collab.

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Hmmm... I'll think about it.
You see, I was going to do my point and click as a huge, big Wii point and click, subspace emmisary-esque adventure called "NintendoQuest", featuring the most well known characters, with a cool storyline and cutscenes throughout. Also, I was planning on doing it a bit later. But, I may do another entry in the collab. I dunno, I'm not really a coder, but if you can find me shooting kinda game tutorial, I think I could make something. I'll find it in BBS.


2008-08-25 17:37:07

I don't know why people hate this picture I think it is pretty cool lots of stuff going on in it and the more alpha Wii remote in the middle was a really kool idea

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Heheh, thanks!
Its not actually a picture, just a small showcase of my current random projects going on.

Just copied and pasted from my different projects, into the one picture so you can view it all at once.

Better than 5 or so different news posts, lol.
Besides, most of these pics are unfinished.


2008-08-27 19:42:37

i don't know why other people would go all !@$@# at this. this is good.
better than what i would do anyway ._.";
love the ? blocks.

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Cheers man!
I'm thinking of using the question block for something else.


2008-10-08 07:26:13

ill sell u my dick

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:



2008-10-14 07:16:57


xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:



2008-11-05 22:34:48

Awesome mate, I sorta like the drawings and graphics just put the smoothing up a bit (It's a little choppy) keep it up mate!

Some of your links didn't work that well so that sorta sucked but anyway can't wait till they're done :P


xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Cheers man!
The reason its choppy, is because I copy pasted an image, and then rotated it, and flash isn't very good at handling resized/rotated images. I use the brush tool, so lines are never choppy :p
Also, these images are quite old, I think I need a new news post...

Oh yeah, stupid swfUP has been down FOREVER, and I used to always use that. Pity. Might repost them with spamtheweb...

Anywho, thanks for dropping by!


2008-11-17 15:11:03

Why cant I stop staring at your userpicture...

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Because it's crazy awesome, and gives you an instant orgasm.
That's why.


2008-11-29 12:18:12

Wasn't this same post up like six months ago?

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Um... well, yeah. I kinda need to update this, eh?
I'll get onto it soon... after my Christmas flash, website and other stuff that I have going on...


2008-12-02 20:54:24

The CTSG collab is done, lol

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Yeah yeah, stfu you Rig.
This post is so fucking old.

I will update it though! one day!
Just... not now. maybe... tomorrow. Or next year.


2008-12-05 04:39:36

trippy graphics, i like

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Awesome man, cheers!


2008-12-05 05:09:06


i totally feel tripped out after this

good stuff though

hurry up and make the flashens!

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Yay, thanks :)
Yeah yeah, I'll make them soon enough. When I can be bothered.


2008-12-07 09:51:36

Hey, I've just gotta thank you for voting for me as 'Rookie of the Year', it's really appreciated.

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Seriously man, don't mention it!
You just popped up in the reg lounge one day, starting making some helpful posts, and are just generally a cool guy around the forums :P


2008-12-07 09:51:53

Also, those graphics are great.

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Heheh, thanks. But very old :O


2008-12-10 02:53:13

March 11th, huh?

Not much new going on, I suppose, but still - make a new post!

xTOXICxEMPIRE responds:

Yeah I know... I probably should...

A lot has happened since this post...


2008-12-25 02:56:24

Merry Xmas


2009-01-17 01:11:03

Nice drawing style, but try to use gradients less often/ make your own gradient colors and thin up the lines. Also try to get some more lines/detail in there if you're working by just animating symbols.



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